Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any restrictions on Major of Study and Year of Study?

A: No. Students of all Majors and Years are welcome to apply for the project that they are interested in.

Q: How do students settle their accomodations?

A: Recommendations will be provided by BestTop BUT students will have to book on their own.

Q: What is the cost of the programme? What does it include? When do students pay?

A: The cost of the programme can be found in the marketing materials which the schools have distributed. Programme Fees are intend for Training Session, 24/7 Support in Singapore and offline career development events. Only shortlisted students will have to pay for the programme if they decide to attend the programme.

Q: What if  student is not shortlisted?

A: If the application is not shortlisted, we appreciate your efforts and will inform you if there are other opportunities.

Q: Is it 100% successful for every applicant?

A: No, it is not guaranteed.

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